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Jumaal Dinne Lakshmi

The Board has been headed by Ms J Lakshmi, the Managing Director, who is a winner of Best Women Entrepreneur of the year 2017, awarded by YSMan International Club.

Jayashree Gadde

Ms. G Jayashree, Director, is having a good acumen in negotiating with the suppliers and designing the marketing strategies and is currently looking after the Procurement and Marketing activities of the Company.

Srivalli Kuditipudi

Ms. K Srivalli, Director, is having very strong administrative skills and is taking care of Operations of the Company.


How often the napkin is to be changed?

How often the napkin is to be changed?

Basically it depends on the flow. But irrespective of it one should change napkin once in 6 hours. If flow is more, it is to be changed even for every two hours.
How to decide the Size of the Napkin?

How to decide the Size of the Napkin?

Even for the same person, the size of napkin is not always the same.A combination of different sizes should be used depending on the flow volume like heavy flow, light flow etc as the flow is not always the same during the menstruation time. And try using different napkins depending on the activities you undertake.
How to dispose the used pad?

How to dispose the used pad?

Never flush the used Napkins in the Toilet. It can clog and make your toilet to overflow.Just fold it in such a way that the adhesive side is exposed, wrap toilet paper around it and put it in garbage collectors. Keep them out of reach to Pets. Wash your hands properly with antibacterial soap.
How to maintain Menstrual Hygiene?

How to maintain Menstrual Hygiene?

Always use good quality and standard Napkins. And visit the gynaecologist without delay in case still you have some trouble despite you use standard product.

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Our monthly times sanitary napkins believes that nothing should hold back from pursuing your teams of progress not even your periods. In some villages matured girls are stopped to going schools because of periods. Most of the ladies are not using safe and healthy sanitary napkins.